vendredi 21 novembre 2014

[Request] Austin Mahone with his dildo

Yeah, Justin Bieber is not the only one big bottom. Austin Mahone is a really big bottom. I mean, look at his face ! I want him in my bed so baad ahah. But actually, i can only dream ;)

darrencrisshot : That's for u ;)
(Click on the fake to see in full size)

Hope you'll like it guys ;)

Glee Time with Matthew Morrison and Chord Overstreet

This is old fake that i've never posted. Hope you'll like it ;) Don't hesitate to tell me what you think about them.

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Justin Bieber is like the biggest bottom

Yeah, he's the biggest bottom ever for me. This fake is not really good actually, i don't like it but maybe you'll like it so... I post it. Tell me what you think about it ;)

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[Request] Justin Bieber and Matthew Morrison

darrencrisshot : C'est pour toi ! Comme je te l'ai dit, j'ai pas réussi à refaire un fake entièrement, alors je me suis contenté de reprendre un ancien de Bieber et j'ai ajouté Matthew. En espérant qu'il te plaise quand même ;)

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[Request] Josh Henderson and Parker Hurley

Anonymous : That's for u ! Hope you'll like it. I try to do my best, it was a little bit hard to find a good pic of Parker Hurley (in hq). Don't hesitate to say what you think about it :)

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[Request] Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder

darrencrisshot : This is for u ahah I will talk to you in french, 'cause i know it's better. On a quelque chose en commun, on adore Glee tous les deux et on trouve tous les deux que Darren Criss est.... juste magnifique, trop hot et trop sexy. Donc je t'ai fait le fake que tu voulais avec plaisir ;) En espérant que ça te plaise !

(Click on the pic to see in full size)

Actually guys, i don't really have time and motivation to do fake right now. Maybe if you ask me some, i will do them but i don't think i will do it by myself. Don't hesitate to ask me :)

Enjoy !

vendredi 14 novembre 2014

Boom Boom Boom BLAM !

Someone asked me to post a fake of Darren Criss or Chord Overstreet. I decide to be nice, so i post an old fake of Blam.