jeudi 11 septembre 2014

Mike Chang really love dick actually !

Mike want dick so bad, so he asked to Blaine, Sam & Mr. Schu to come at his house. And you can see what happened next : Mike sucked Blam & was fuck by Mr. Shu.

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An old fake again, but i can't do fake for now so... Sorry guys ahah. Hope you'll  like it ♥

mardi 2 septembre 2014

I am a good teacher, right ?

Kurt need to learn some lesson. So he asked to Mr. Schu to help him. Will accepted. But you know... Kurt wanted more. A lot more. You know what i'm thinking, right ? HE WANT SEX, of course ! Will accepted too. After all, he love to fuck students.

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Ok guys, i was tired today so i don't really have a new fake for you. This one is an old one ahah. But i hope you'll like it. Enjoy :)

lundi 1 septembre 2014

Larry Stylinson... Everyone want to have sex with them, right ?

Actually, I want. But that's not important. Today, Louis has an important match of Football. So, he went to the backstage to put his football clothes. But, Harry followed him and actually... He looked Louis remove his street clothes and then be naked. And... You know, Louis & Harry are in couple, and Harry really love to see Louis naked so... He just decided to fuck him in the backstage. Whatever if someone come or something. He just wanted to fuck him. So he did. And it was fucking good !

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I don't like this fake, Harry's face is really weird. But I like what i did with Louis so... I posted it. I'm a big fan of Larry. I love look at Larry's fake but i'm not good to do it so... Here's the proof ahah. But i hope you'll like it. Enjoy guys :)

Puckerman want u to eat his cake !

What a title, right ? Whatever. Puckerman did a absolutely fabulous cake today and he has nobody to eat the cake with him. So, maybe you want to eat his cake ? To convince you, he removed his clothes to be naked. All naked. You like it ? So... eat the cake ahah.

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Hope you like it guys. I don't like my fake since I came back. I don't know why. But, if you guys like them so... It's the most important. Enjoy :)

samedi 30 août 2014

Sexiest male alive guys. And you know who it is

'Cause i'm in love with him. He's so hot and so sexy and so perfect and i love him. Actually, even if i'm a top gay, i would love to be bottom for him ahah. Not a problem 'cause I have Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson to be my personnal bottom b*tch :P (No ? Ok, shut up xD)


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I know, he's bottom on the fake. But i don't care, he's still my top babe. And if he want to be bottom... Not a problem too actually ^^. Enjoy people :D

vendredi 29 août 2014

Not that easy ahah

Ok. I try to do 2 fakes today and I really don't like them so i'm not posting them like a great fake but more like a big big fail ahah. The one with Niall is the worst ever I think. Something's so weird with this fake ahah.

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The second is about Matthew Morrison (Mr. Schu on Glee ahah). But, yeah, i don't like my work to this one too so... I'm posting it just to say that I didn't lost my time xD So, here it come.

By the way, i'm really happy to be back :) Don't hesitate to comment, I answer like everytime ahah. Oh and i wanna say a special thank you to a blog who post my fake with the link of my blog. That's nice, I know everyone doesn't do that. If you want to see this blog (about Glee Guys, what i really love ahah), it's here :

OH AND GUYS ! I'm french. I know my english isn't good so I'm really sorry if what i say have no sense xDDD I try to learn english, but it's not that easy ^^'. ENJOY !

mardi 26 août 2014

When Sam come to Blaine's House

Tonight, Sam decided to come at Blaine's house for do some homework with his boyfriend. But actually, they didn't really do their homework. Quickly, Sam begun to kiss Blaine and this one was so exciting about the kiss that he remove off all of his clothes. The good thing ? They're versatile. No bottom, no top. Just good sex.

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I'm not really proud of these fakes but... Maybe you will like. Tell me what you think about ;) Enjoy !